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The majority of our Tomato seeds are heirloom varieties.

As the actual meaning of the term 'heirloom' as applied to seeds is hotly debated we have built our collection based on the European standard of excluding any variety that was not in existence before World War II.

All seed on any of our sites has been grown and harvested by us, in our gardens. In that sense, they are truly 'Heirloom' as we actually grew the plants that produced the seed, and the parent plants etc,etc

Beautanicals websites are continually updating and we are adding to our seed lists almost weekly..

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On our Australian Gardener website, you are able to combine seeds and plants in one easy package. If your interest is specifically 'Heirloom seeds and plants, just type 'heirloom' into the search bar and the site will present the most likely heirloom varieties for you to peruse and purchase.
About Us

All seed is organically grown, bio-dynamically tended, garden hardened and open pollinated.

We grow the plants, harvest the seed, clean and winnow, and pack your order ourselves.

Tomato varieties
Red Ponderosa
Big Red - Grosse Lisse
Ox Heart
Mortgage Lifter
Red Brandywine
Tigerella Red
Tigerella Green
Yellow Brandywine
German Green
San Marzano
Amish Paste
Yellow Pear
Berry Nice
Red Grape
Sweet Bite
Big Rainbow
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